Facial care essentials

Hi everyone!

This is my first blogpost ever, so excited how it’s going to look! My blogpost will go about (as the titel says) my facial care essentials. What do I use? What are my thoughts about it? I will tell you all!

I have a very sensitive skin and I quickly suffer from some pimples in stressful situations and when I haven’t enough sleep. So I spend a lot of time taking care of my skin.

 Daily care

First thing that I do in the morning is cleaning my skin with the la Roche-posay effaclar purifying foaming gel. It’s a deep cleaning because at night my skin gets very oily. I put 2 drops of the foaming gel on the cleansing face brush. Apply it in circular motions & wash it off with some water. I’m ready to put on my day cream.

€14,00 – 400 ml

My day cream is the Sephora instant moisturizer + cream. I have also a dry skin so I’ve tried a lot of day cream’s before I found this one. Finally one that can keep my skin hydrated all day long. With the previous one’s I’ve had to apply some cream in the middle of the day because my skin was getting dry.

I do this every day, & the days when I wear make-up I use the primer and make-up after these steps.

€17,95 – 50 ml – you can buy it

Night ritual

Before I go to bed I start with my eyes. I use shiseido instant eye and lip makeup remover to take of the eye make-up. afterwards I clean my whole face, including eyes, with (don’t laugh) the Mustela cleansing milk for babies. It’s very soft, has a nice smell (the smell of little babies 😍). I apply it on a cotton ball and slowly rub my skin in with it. I also do my eyes with it just as an extra. To calm them down after the first cleaning. You don’t have to wash it off afterwards with water. Just apply your night cream & you’re good to go to sleep!

€32,90 – 125 ml – you can buy it here
± €15 – 750 ml

Face masks 

Once a week I use a face mask as extra care for my skin. I’ve got many different masks that I’m testing out.

The first ones are the face masks of Sephora. They have plenty of different masks. All with their own specification. The different masks I have are:

  • pearl face mask, for perfecting & brightening
  • lotus one for moisturizing & soothing
  • rose mask for ultra moisturizing & brightening
  • grenade for anti-fatigue & energizing
€3,95/piece – you can buy it here

These are my favorites if I have a day at home to relax. You have to apply the mask on your face and leave for 15 minutes. While it’s on your face you can massage it to absorb any excess. To be honest, I don’t buy them for their specification but for their smell.  As long as I’m relaxed & have a nice skin after it I’m happy!

The second one that I’ve tried out is the mask of magna minty of lush cosmetics. I’ve won this with a giveaway and I’m super duper happy with it. It’s a really good one, but you have to like the smell of pepper mint. It’s a very strong smell when you have the mask on your face. The mask is intended to fight against pimples. It’s very creamy so more difficult to apply than the last one I’ll tell you about in a second.

€8,45 – 125 ml – you can buy it here

The third & last one is the garnier SkinActive Intense 3 in 1.  I’ve won this on Facebook and was thrilled to try this one out. It’s a black one (little freaky when you look in the mirror). The first thing you can use it for is as cleaning. Just apply on a moist face & massage it it, then take it off with some water. The second function is as a scrub & as last as a mask. Put it on your face & leave it for 5 minutes. I use this one when I have those 5 minutes extra in a stressful morning. It calms me down & give a fresh feeling to start my day.

€6,69/piece – you can buy it here

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, & any tips? LET ME KNOW !

Big kisses, Paulie xo

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