No concept X Evian: afterwork party!

Hi sweeties,

Couples of weeks ago I received an invite for the No concept X Evian afterwork party. I was seriously in doubt because it was in Ukkel. But I I’m happy I decided to go!

Wauw, I had a blast. It all started with the entrance, these giant balloons and a beautiful window. They thought about every detail. In every corner you watch and between all the pieces of clothing you see the new Evian bottles. Sooo cute.

After we entered they served the new flavors of Evian. You’ve got the yellow one, with citron 🍋 & elder blossom. The light pink one, with grapes 🍇 & roses 🌹. And and last but not least the dark pink one with framboise & verbena. I’ve tried the dark pink one, it taste like grenadine, so for the lovers who love grenadine, perfect match! I can hear you say, grapes & roses?! Yeah, just what I thought. It’s my friend’s (who accompanied me to the event) favorite. So I’ve tasted from her bottle. I find that you taste the roses a little bit too much. But everyone his taste right? My all time favorite is the yellow one. At home I always make myself infused water with citron, so perfect match for me!

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Beside adoring the interior we did a little bit of shopping, ‘cause how hard is it to resist shopping when you’re a shopping addict right? I’ve bought a cute little pouch with the text: glitter is the new black (as you can see on the picture, only mine is blue instead of pink). Easy to put in your handbag for al the tiny things you take with you. IMG_6015 3.JPG

Woops, I haven’t talk about the delicious food they served during the event. There was something with beetroot, vegetables, raw tuna, etc … It tasted al soooo delicious. Even the beetroot, which I’m not a fan of. Thank you Cook & Serve!

There was an extra touch during the event, you could place an golden or silver temporary tattoo. How cool is that? I chose the golden ‘believe’ one. Thanks Thea jewelry for making that happen.IMG_6040

After purchasing my pouch we received a nice goodie bag! As you can see in the picture there was a beautiful, elegant bracelet of ‘Une A Une‘. Instant bracelet crushing, I love accessories and even more the tiny, elegant ones. I  definitely recommend to check out there website. The next thing in the goodie bag was the Caudalie moisturizing sorbet cream. Haven’t tried it yet, but I know Caudalie is a brand with nice products so I don’t doubt that this cream will do his job. There was also a voucher from Bobbie Brown to receive make-up advice. But only valid in Ukkel. So bummer for me, I’m from Ghent.

Here is a picture of my outfit that evening, my jeans is from Abercrombie & Fitch (thanks to the sales a whole year long) my blouse from a little shop in Ghent called ‘Atomium’, not the  monument in Brussels, haha. My oooooh soooo lovely new high heels from Guess, which I found in a second hands shop ‘Katastrof’. Casual Chic it is!

IMG_6002 3

Hope you enjoyed my blog,

xoxo Paulie


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