Getting cosy with Collishop!

Hi sweeties,

A couple of weeks ago I was invited at Nomad Finefood for a night full of fun with ‘Collishop’.

It was exciting because I went all by myself, I didn’t know who was going to be there. But once I arrived it was super cosy. All the other people were kind, funny, sweet, … The evening couldn’t start any better!

First things first, please give it a moment but wauw they served soooo delicious food! Couldn’t resist it. (Those were only the appetizers tho 🙈.) Say yourself, you couldn’t resist either not eating them. 😉


After the small talks, drinks & appetizers it was time for the first activity: decorating gingerbread men like a pro (or at least trying). 😎

Philip’s Biscuits was there to show us every step to success of making & decorating them. Because they make them in the bakery in huge quantities they gave us a recipe with ‘smaller’ (but still huge😂) quantities for ‘baking at home’.
Like, 7,5 KG flour & 4,5 KG honey, do I have to say more? But that aside, the gingerbread men looked sooo good! They had them in different figures like: stars, boots & the gingerbread men itself. You can find the repipe here or on my blog by ‘foodie’.




Time to start decorating, with a lot of glaze in different colors we were figuring out how to decorate them. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful creations around me. With my hands full of sugar, pink, blue & green coloring, I finally finished my cookies. I was happy with the result.


Beside decorating the gingerbread men it was time for Anne-Catherine from the interiorblog ‘Clo Clo’ to do her thing: table settings. She picked out a lot of tableware, decoration, candles all from The Collishop. She gave us lots of tips how to do a beautiful, not standard table setting. Which was perfect for me because I had a New Year’s Eve party at my place. No more stress about how to decorate my table. Thanks Anne-Catherine! 💋


  1. Golden cutlery look a like => here
  2. Wine Glasses =>  here
  3. Glasses/Tealights holder => here

After all the ‘hard’ work the team of NOMAD Fine Food had our food ready. Time to put our feet under the table & enjoy the evening even more with the delicious menu they created for us. A big thanks for all the people of NOMAD Fine Food & The collishop! 🍴



Hope you enjoyed it!

xoxo Paulie



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