Detox infused water with SodaStream

Hi everybody,

I had the opportunity to try out the SodaStream machine.
Because February is all about Tournée Minerale I made 5 different recipes for detox infused water & I would like to share them with you. Let’s make drinking water FUN! I don’t know about you guys, but for me it’s a really hard to drink enough water every day. So this was a perfect opportunity for me to try to drink more water. 💦

Let’s open the box, shall we? 

The first thing I saw in the box were the Sodastream glasses. They have a beautiful design, simple yet nice details so they don’t look boring. 🍸


The second thing was really heavy! It were 6(!) different flavors to add to the water. 💦
It contained Tonic flavor, Ginger ale, Ice Tea Peach, Orange, Lemon Lime 🍋 & Agrum. Sounds already super delicious! 👅


Time for the next package, 3 super duper cool limited edition hipster bottles to contain your Sodastream water. Look how cool are these prints?! Again a small detail that makes the bottles attractive & not boring.


Last but not least, the SodaStream machine itself, it was bigger than expected! But oooh boy, couldn’t wait to try this all out.


Then it was time to let my creativity run free. I was looking at all the fruit in the supermarket while inventing all recipes in my head for my detox water & voila there they were. 5 different kind of recipes to try at home with all the fruit I bought.

You can find all different kinds of infused water on the internet if you’re not in the mood to create some of yourself. For every season are there matching recipes.

My recipes can you find here.

My personal opinion

It made drinking water much easier & more pleasant with all the different flavors. For me it was less difficult to drink my daily dose of water because everyday you can create new flavors, so you never get bored of the taste. I hope I can continue drinking water in this fun way! I recommend it to everyone who have difficulties with drinking enough water. There are a lot of other flavors as well, make sure to check out their website here.




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