Launch Loved by Miracles

Hi everybody,

Here is my blogpost about an amazing event I went to last year in March (I know, finally). Why this late? Well I will tell you all about it.

It was the presentation of Annelien Coorevits her brand, Miracles. She designed her own first clothing line: Loved by Miracles. So to answer the question, they released it last month so I waited so I could put many pictures of her clothes in my blog.


Now, about the event itself. It was just AMAZING! We arrived at an idyllic location. 😍 After finding our way in, we came across all the jewelry from Miracles. For a jewelry lover like me, it was just heaven! 💍

Not only was I sattesfied about that, even my tummy got some very delicious things. What can I say, CANDY CANDY CANDY 🍭🍬, snacks, waffles on a stick, haute dogs 🌭, cocktails 🍸, … Everything you can imagine, they had it. 👅

After looking around by the jewelry it was time to go upstairs. There is what we came for, her very own first clothing line. Well she surprised me in every way. It was simple, but sooo beautiful. Something for everyday but if you combine it right you can wear them to parties, but even to go to the beach. Tought through & the price is good as well, not that cheap but a good price for quality clothing. Also most of the clothes you see are available for both women & children. Like mother, like daughter!

Time to take a break from all the wonderful things we just saw. Because it was a very sunny day it was perfect to sit outside in the beautiful accommodation. With a cocktail one hand, waffle on a stick in the another ready to talk about each others preferences from jewelry & clothes. The big surprise was when a lady came to us & asked: have you chosen something already? We looked at each other, chosen?! Of the look on our face, the lady could tell we didn’t know what she was talking about.

She explained we might choose a jewelry & a piece of clothing. How amazing is that?! So we couldn’t wait to go back inside & rewatched everything over & over to choose something.

After couple of hours, yeah no kidding we spend their like 5 hours! We finally decided what we wanted. I went for beautiful, big rose golden earrings. To wear to fancy parties. A real eye catcher. I also chose a jeans summer dress. My best friend choose a bracelet with a big stone in the middle. A real piece of arm candy I tell you!

This day couldn’t go any better! After all this we eat a haute dog to relax and take in what just happened today. We really couldn’t believe all the extras we just had.

But after all these hours it was time to go home, saying goodbye to Annelien herself & then the lady came back to us to thank us & she gave us a goodiebag. Yes, after everything, there was still a goodiebag! & what for one, we looked inside & there was a parfum, ‘mon guerlain’ from Guerlain. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Also a keychains, some candy & a bracelet. I knew I was going to sleep well tonight. Thanks annelien coorevits & her team for the wonderful day!


Like mother, like daughter 

  • Dress Kay stripes – €109,95/€69,95

Dress Kaela Snow White – €109,95/€59,95

Dress Kaeleigh Jeans Blue – €119,95/€69,95

Skirt Rihanna – €89,95/€64,95


  • Top Candice Snow White – €74,95/€44,95

Jeans Jacket Bloom – €119,95/€79,95