Smoovall, for smoother legs

Hi everybody!

Summer, the season for dresses, skirts, shorts, … I love it! But while wearing it on hot days like these it is less fun for me. Why? Because my legs rub against each other when walking (Not that “thigh cap” kinda girl). Not so pleasant & especially painful. I used to use talc powder to make my legs softer so the rubbing would hurt less. But that only worked for like 15min, so not that helpful.

But hallelujah Smoovall came with this miracle product to prevent your legs from abrasions. The contact spray acts as an invisible & breathable protective layer. I couldn’t be happier!


  • it protects your skin where needed

You can use it wherever you feel like you need it, groin, seat, arm cavity, abdomen, chest & thighs. Just spray it & let it do it’s magic! 

  • It’s easy to use (& take it with you everywhere you go!)

1/ shake the bottle
2/ spray on the skin where needed
3/ let it dry for 20-30 seconds
4/ you are good to go!

  • Long operating time

The irritations of the skin only occur after long-term friction. That’s why Smoovall least for min. 4 (!) hours.

I’m already a big fan & couldn’t go anywhere without it!
I use it for every occasion: going to the beach, while doing sports, when going to a fancy party, … The duration of the product depends on the weather I think. I already used it when it lasted for 4 hours but also that I needed to spray again after 2 hours. But because of the easy travel size you can take it everywhere!

Feel like you need it to? check out their website Smoovall & order yours! Let me know what you think about it!

xoxo Paulie


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