Max & More make up: review

Hi sweeties,

It’s time you get to know a new beauty brand: Max & More! They have it all, from nail polish ‘till eyeshadow, … It comes in all kinds of colors so they have something for everyone. I will no longer keep you waiting. Let’s start with the Max & More Matt Lipstick; I’ve tried them a couple of times & I absolutely love them! When I apply them in the morning the lipsticks is still on my lips by noon. After I ate I have to apply them again but that’s very normal (I think), for me that’s not a problem. Here are the different kind of colors. For 2 lipsticks it’s €0,95. So very affordable if you ask me!

IMG_8446_Facetune_26-08-2018-19-00-43 2
– 320 Sweet Punch – 303 Desert Kiss – 322 Hot Kiss – 317 Scarlett Red –
IMG_8443_Facetune_26-08-2018-19-00-13 2
– 338 Rodeo Rose – 321 Crème Brulee – 301 Naked Nude – 302 Rusty Rose –
IMG_8438_Facetune_26-08-2018-18-59-09 2
– 339 Truffle – 318 Toasted Taupe – 319 Indigo Plum – 337 Fairy Violet –

IMG_8355_Facetune_26-08-2018-19-08-57 2

Beside the lipsticks they also have Max & More Chubby Lipbalm; these are sold (just like the lipsticks) in a package of 2. The colors are slightly softer on the lips. They cost €1,19 for 2.

IMG_8456_Facetune_26-08-2018-19-03-15 2

IMG_8453_Facetune_26-08-2018-19-02-32 2

IMG_8356_Facetune_26-08-2018-19-08-09 2

That was it all for the lips, let’s see what else they have. The next thing is the Max & More Concealer Palette. It contains different colors each with their specific purpose.

Lilac: neutralizes yellow. ideal when you want to lighting up a pale, gray skin color.
Green: takes care of the redness. ideal for camouflaging scars and imperfections.
Peach color/Orange: For blue circles and visible veins under the eyes.
Yellow: For purple circles under your eyes.

IMG_8459_Facetune_26-08-2018-19-03-45 2
€0,99 – Action
How to apply the concealer

Done with the concealer? Let’s talk about the next thing; the Max & More matte compact powder. you use the compact powder after you have applied all other makeup. it ensures that the rest of your basic makeup (ie concealer, foundation, highlighter, etc.) stays better in place. Some compact powders have a bronzing effect in it to make you look a little more tanned.

Also do they have the Max & More blush powder Satin. Most people use a blush to give more color & shape to their face. It gives a healthier, fresher & more colorful look!

IMG_8493_Facetune_26-08-2018-19-05-33 2
compact powder & blush: €0,95 each

Let’s shimmer & shine with the Max & More Highlight sticks; to give your look that extra sparkle! It’s for sale in 3 different colors.

IMG_8451_Facetune_26-08-2018-19-01-48 2

IMG_8358_Facetune_26-08-2018-19-06-36 2

That’s definitely not all, they also have the Max & More Eyeshadow Quattro; there are 2 different kinds of palettes. One with green as main color, the other colors are warm tones like beige, …. The second one is with purple & more cool colors like black, white & grey.


My fave beauty product from their collection is the Max & More Eyebrow pencil; they have them in light & dark brown. You don’t have to push hard on the pencil, the color can easily be applied. It stays for a whole day & it don’t need a touch up. The most easy thing about these pencils is that they have a brush & sharpener on the pencil itself as you can see on the picture.


And if that wasn’t all enough they also came with their own Max & More nail polish! The little ones are sold in packages of 3 with a shiny or a matt look. Beside that there are also 3 colors which you have to combine with the gel topcoat for a gel look. You can choose the pastel colors, purple ones or what I like to call it the holiday set, these are red/bordeaux with a golden nail polish.



IMG_8486 2




I’ve also created a make up look with this collection. You can see one half of my face without make up & the other one done with the Max & More make up!

no make up 

Excited for more? Check out the website here to see many more of the products you can buy. It’s all exclusively available in the Action.

Hope you enjoy this, see you next time!

xoxo Paulie

IMG_8466_Facetune_26-08-2018-19-04-28 2

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