Pink Gellac: gel nails at home

Hi sweeties,

Many of you were interested in how I do my gel nails at home. So I will show you step-by-step how you easily can do gel nails by yourself. I use (in collaboration) the products from Pink Gellac & I absolutely love them!

Let me tell you something more about Pink Gellac, it’s a brand who creates/sells everything you need to do gel nails at home; LED/uv lamp, different kind of colors, accessories, … They also sell starter packs so you don’t have so search or look everything up that you need to start. They recently released 3 complete new starters packs which include their new LED lamp; Uncovered, Elegant & Dynamic.

They all contain:

  • Pink Gellac Pro LED Lamp
  • Pink Cuticle Oil 15 ml
  • Pink Primer 15 ml
  • Pink Gellac Base Extend 15 ml
  • Pink Gellac Ultra Shine 15ml
  • Pink Cleaner 100 ml
  • Pink Remover 100 ml
  • 50 x Luxury Nail Wipes
  • 3 x Orange Woodsticks
  • Nail file 180-240
  • Polishing block
  • Nail wheel
Starters pack – €169,00
  • Color 105 Blush Orange 15 ml
  • Color 166 Vintage Nude 15 ml
  • Color 168 Elegant Taupe 15 ml
  • Color 228 Creamy Mauve 15 ml
  • Color 166 Vintage Nude 15 ml
  • Color 240 Salmon 15 ml
  • Color 109 Lipstick Red 15 ml
  • Color 235 Ruby Red 15 ml
  • Color 115 Army Green 15 ml
  • Color 120 Beautiful Black 15 ml
  • Color 173 Bordeaux 15 ml
  • Color 161 Ibiza Pink 15 ml

Let’s start now with the step-by-step guide!

Step 1; Push back the cuticles with the wooden stick & file your nails so they are a bit rough. This is necessary so the color will attach better. Make super you degrease the nails with the cleaner wipes and remove all dust particles.

Step 2; If you like you can use the Pink Gellac primer. This is an extra step to make sure the gel lak will hold longer on your nails. Just put it on the end of your nails & let it dry by the air for 15 seconds.

Step 3; Now it’s time for the base coat. You put a thin layer of base coat on your nails & put it under the LED lamp for 15 seconds. (30 sec for UV lamp)

Step 4; Chosen already which color you are going to take? perfect because this is the next step. Put a really thin layer of the color on your nails & cure for 60 seconds under the LED lamp. (120 sec for UV lamp)
Why a thin layer? Because otherwise it won’t cure good. Repeat this step 2-3 times for the coverage you like.

  • 1 layer of color
  • 2 layers of color
  • 3 layers of color

Step 5; next up is the top coat. Pink Gellac has 3 types of them: Matte, shine & ultra shine. I use the ultra shine. You put again a thin layer of top coat on your nails & cure it for another 60 seconds. It is really important it’s a thin layer because otherwise you’ll get a burning feeling on your nails. (I speak from experience)

Step 6; this is an extra step if you use the matte or shine top coat. You have to use the cleaner wipes again to get rid of the sticky layer that is on your nails.

Now you are good to go! The nails remain for about 2 weeks, depending on what you do with your hands.

  • my Pink Gellac collection

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost & if you have any question do not hesitate to ask me in the comments!



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