On the go with Gaston Luga

Hi everybody,

If you know me a little bit you know I’m addicted to handbags. But unfortunately handbags aren’t always that handy. 🙄
So that is when Gaston Luga kicks in! Gaston Luga is a Swedish backpack brand located in Stockholm. Their backpacks are made from vegan leather cotton canvas and metal buckles to give you the best experience & quality.

One of their signature features is the concealed passport pocket on the back of the bag. With that pocket you can put your passport, flight tickets or other important documents close & safe to you.

My experience

I used the backpack a couple of times now & I must say; I LOVE IT! I used it to go to the seaside, go to work & my mom used it to go on vacation. I was looking forward to using this backpack in Rome but my mom her backpack broke a few days before leaving for porto (same period as my trip to Rome) so I gave her mine to borrow. She loved having that backpack during her trip.

When I went to the sea I used it to take some food, drinks, towels & a good book with me. There was plenty of room to take what I want!

For work I needed something so I could take my macbook, glasses, books & papers from work with me if I had to go somewhere by bike/foot/public transport. For me this Gaston Luga bag was much more comfortable that a normal handbag. Everything fitted inside so I was good to go!


They have 4 models on their webshop, take a look here!

Beside these backpacks they also have some accessories on their webshop. Such as a tote bag, toiletry bag, address tag, …

I also have a discount code for my followers; use ‘PAULIENSTR’ for 15% discount! Let me know in the comments when you bought one & which one you have chosen!


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