Pizzaparty with the pizza oven from Aldi! πŸ•

Hi guys,

I received an amazing product I want to tell you all about! Are you also a mayor pizza lover & is your favo quote: “the pizza life chose me”? Then you are going to love what I have to share with you!

Aldi sent me this compact, handy pizza oven for in your (little) garden/terrace to make your very own delicious Italian pizza’s! I can see you think? How is this any better than my pizza in a regular oven? πŸ€” Keep on reading & see for yourself.

What is the box? πŸ“¦

The pizzaoven is delivered in a box so you have to put it together yourself. I doesn’t take much time to do that. I’ve done it by myself & it took me between 30min and an hour. But what is in it?

  • oven
  • pizza plate
  • pizza scoop
  • grill plates
  • wheels
  • hatches
  • slide
  • ventilator
  • everything you need to put it together!

As you can see it is a real DIY project! πŸ€—

What is so amazing about it?

Ever had that feeling that you miss out on things at your parties because you are in the kitchen preparing food? Or that you have a burned pizza because you forget about it while enjoying the sun in the garden or on your terrace? That feeling is gone when using this pizza oven, you make your pizza right next to you while sipping wine, playing a game with friends, talk all evening, … No burned pizza’s anymore & you can enjoy your evening without being in the kitchen all night long.

How to use? πŸ€”

You put some fire lighters on the bottom grid & cover it with charcoal & light them on. After 30 minutes the charcoal has a white color so you can put your pizza in the oven on the pizza plate. it normally takes 15-20 minutes for the pizza to get ready. You can easily take them out with the pizza scoop so you don’t get burned.

Pizza party X Game night πŸ•πŸŽ²

So my friends & I organize once in a while game night at someone’s house. This time it was my turn to host game night. Every other time we had to pause the game we were playing because someone had to go to the kitchen to prepare or check the food, but not this time! This was the perfect opportunity to test this pizza oven. We prepared the pizza’s in advance & started playing the games while our pizza’s were baking in the oven. This night couldn’t get any better! Friends, games & home made pizza. πŸ‘…

Tested & approved πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

During game night my friends and I compared a pizza from the regular oven and a pizza from the pizza oven. We all agreed; the pizza from the pizza oven was the best! The crust was very crispy and the pizza itself was delicious. The crust around had bubbles which made it airy. As well as when you grabbed a slice of pizza from the normal oven, all your toppings slipped off because the bottom was so soft while the pizza oven kept everything on it because of the crispy bottom.

are you already salivating? Buy yours now here or at an Aldi Store. Let me know when you bought one & how your pizza’s tasted, enjoy!


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