Decorate your home with Posterstore

Hi guys,

I’m more than ready for the next chapter in my life, that is moving in with my boyfriend. He already lives alone & I’m there a lot but the official date is in September/October. Little by little I’m moving some of my stuff there & secretly I’m decorating the house a little bit more to my/our taste. πŸ˜‰

A while ago I received an email from Posterstore for a collaboration. We couldn’t be happier! Above our sofa we have an empty mustard yellow wall so we were thrilled to pick out some posters to fill that empty space. Because it is mustard yellow we hadn’t much options beside black/white posters, the other posters had to much color in it, which doesn’t match with the wall.

About Posterstore

Posterstore is a Swedish online webshop who sells posters & frames in different sizes & themes. There is something for everyone, nature lovers, fashion addicts, kids, …
The posters are very affordable & from great quality!
Because they have so many posters, you can also find an ‘inspiration board’ on the website. You can get inspiration for your own home if you got lost in all the posters they have to offer. Check their inspiration here.

Let the search begin!

We both gave our favorite posters a heart, compared it & selected which posters we were going to take. The next step was deciding which posters we would take in which size & how to place them on the wall. That was quite a challenge. πŸ˜… (We used word, gave it a mustard yellow color & downloaded the picture of the posters to add them in the document. πŸ™ˆ)

These were our 2 options between which we doubted. We went for the first option because the posters were smaller & the wall isn’t that big. We thought the other ones would be too large for the wall. What would you have chosen?

(We haven’t had any time yet to put them on the wall but the composition will be like the first option above.)

Beside posters for above our sofa I also chose some posters for my ‘dressing/makeup room’. A little bit more girly & completely my style! Obviously the search for these posters wasn’t that hard, I knew what I wanted! πŸ˜‰

We are both super happy with the result! Want a poster wall of your own? Use ‘LIFEWITHPAULIE30’ for 30% discount. (Not on selection & frames)

Let me know what you have bought & show me the picture! πŸ˜„


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