Urban picnic with Collishop

Hi everybody,

Last week I went to a fun event of Collishop about green dinning, less waste & fermentation. It took place in the beautiful orangery of Alix – Table & Jardin d’Amis. The location was on point & the decoration was just ‘WAUW’. You can find all the used tableware & decoration on Collision.be!

We started with a workshop given by Lily Joan from @lilyjoan_relish. She taught us what fermentation is, how we can do it, what benefits it brings & many tips & tricks to do this at home. But what is fermentation? Well, with fermentation, the simple ingredients undergo a transformation which turns them into something completely different and new. Why would you do that? Many of us throw away leftover food, or food with a bad mark on it. With fermentation you don’t have to throw away that food but you can just ferment it & eat it anyway, + we don’t waste food with this method.

She let us taste many things she made at home trough fermentation such as, a salad, juice, pesto & sourdough bread. I was surprised by the taste of all these tastings. Some things I did not like very much but others were super delicious!

Lily Joan also let us create our own salsa. We put all the ingredients (quantity as desired) in a jar, added some salt water & closed our jar. Time to let it ferment & check in 3-4 days how it will turn out.

Beside this interesting workshop they also provided a delicious urban picnic with many different things; buffalo mozzarella, greek pasta, … Doesn’t this look way too good?!

We went home with a well-filled goodie bag to continue the sustainable lifestyle at home. We got some more jars to do fermentation at home but also glass straws (already tried out at the event, see picture below) so we don’t have to use the plastic ones anymore because they are super bad for the environment! The glass straws are for sale & costs €11,95 for 4 straws & a cleaning brush. You can find them here on the webshop of Collishop.

The Sodastream spirit one touch was also in the goodie bag so we can make sparkling water from tap water at home. That way we no longer need to buy bottled sparkling water. Collishop sells the different Sodastream machines & you can check them out here.

As last I received these serving trays made from bamboo which I used immediately to serve some party snacks when we had friends over. They are beautiful, easy to wash & the perfect size.

It was a super fun & interesting evening with lots of tips & tricks. Thanks Collishop for having me & getting me closer to a sustainable lifestyle!


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