But first coffee! Dolce gusto flavors & the new ‘Esperta’ machine: review

Hi sweeties,

As some of you have already seen in my instagram stories, I’m a big fan op Dolce Gusto coffee. So the quote, “but first coffee” is made for me, I don’t start my day before I had my morning coffee.

So a couple of months ago I was invited to a pop up coffee place in Brussels from Dolce Gusto to discover the new Dolce Gusto ‘Esperta’ Machine. I already had a dolce gusto machine at home, the ‘Lumio’ & I was already very pleased with it. After this event I received the new dolce gusto machine ‘Esperta’. I tested this for a while now & here is an review of what I think of this machine & an overview of all the coffee flavors I have already tested from Dolce Gusto.

Dolce Gusto ‘Esperta’ machine

This fully automatic machine has a special sophisticated spherical design as you can see on the picture. It is equipped with 2 professional extraction methods to create the coffee you want. Beside that you can connect you machine with you smartphone & the Nescafé Dolce Gusto app. In the app you can personalize the size & temperature of your coffee. Next to that you can save your preferences & program the preparation at the time that suits you best.

  • Lift & Click

You can adjust the height of the drip tray to put your glass higher if you use a small glass. This is how you prevent your coffee from splashing.

  • Symbols

On the machine you can find different symbols & stripes. The first symbol stands for Espresso boost, you activate it bij pushing the on/off button 1 time when your machine is already one. The second symbol is de delicate brew which you can activate bij pushing the on/off button 2 times. The last symbol is the indicator light for descaling your machine. If this turns orange it is time to descale it. The stripes indicate the amount of water that will be used for the chosen drink. You can adjust that with the arrow up or down. On your cups you can see how much stripes you need per cup.

The App

So as said before you have 2 ways of extraction methods; espresso boost to make extra intens espresso’s or delicate brew to have a more aromatic and balanced coffee.

Below you have an overview of all the different drinks they offer for the Dolce Gusto machine. If you click on it you have a more extensive range per drink. When you have chosen your drink & clicked on it your coffee is ready to be made. You put in the cup & click on ‘make’ & the machine itself indicates how many lines are needed for the chosen drink.

My opinion

I really love this coffee machine & I like it that you can make the coffee like you want it with the app. It has a larger water reservoir then my previous one which I like very much. It is super easy to use & it makes delicious coffee so win-win!

Dolce Gusto Drinks

I already tried a lot (not all) dolce gusto drinks the past month. Below you can see them all & how they are made.

An intense medium roasted coffee.

This layered Italian icon is a unique blend of warm milk, soft coffee & a rich layer of milk foam.

This is as the name says, a latte macchiato with vanilla taste.

A rich espresso with a layer of delicious, lean & sweet milk foam.

It’s an iced coffee with a mix of creamy milk & intense espresso. Don’t forget to add ice cubes!

A velvet milk coffee.

It’s a balanced combination of intense coffee & soft milk in 1 capsule.

This unique pleasure of cocoa powder is finished with a full layer of milk foam.

It has an intense taste with vanilla tones finished with a strong chocolate foam layer.

A delicious cocoa drink with a hint of coffee finished with a layer of cocoa foam.

A delicious black tea with natural herbs & a rich layer of milk foam.

the aromatic richness of black tea with the softness of milk.

Recycle capsules

The good thing about these capsules is that you can recycle them! This is all possible thanks to Terracycle. You become a member on the terracycle website where you register for the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Recycling Program. You can join for free & send your capsules for free.
In exchange you earn points which you can donate to a charity of your choice. If you want some more information you can find it here. Unfortunately the program is full at the moment, I hope they come with more places soon or an other solution to recycle them.

Are you as much a latte lover as me? You must definitely try these dolce gusto drinks!


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