Starbucks made at home; say what?! (Review)

Do you love the Starbucks drinks as much as I do? But are you also almost broke after some visits to a Starbucks shop? 😅 Then this is definitely for you!

Recently Starbucks & dolce gusto teamed up to bring Starbucks drinks on the market for the dolce gusto machines; heaven right?! I bought them immediately to test them out & I must say, it is (as expected) not as good as the drinks you buy at Starbucks itself but for a selfmade coffee with dolce gusto it comes pretty close!

Dolce Gusto drinks or Starbucks drinks?

I compared the drinks to the normale dolce gusto drinks & the Starbucks ones won! Why? The ones from Starbucks have a fuller milk taste which I really like.

Starbucks collection

In the Starbucks collection you can find 5 different drinks; espresso, grande, cappuccino, latte macchiato & caramel macchiato. Beside de espresso I tried everything or let other people try it. 🙈 (read; I’m not a real coffee person but a latte lover so the grande is tested by other people.)

Fullness and taste are perfectly balanced & it has notes of nuts & cocoa created by careful branding.

It is balanced, delicious and very familiar to the one from Starbucks itself!

It is velvety, rich & also very familiar!

A delicious creamy latte macchiato with caramel taste.

You can buy all the Starbucks drinks here online at the dolce gusto webshop or at your supermarket.

Now I’m off to drink some Starbucks coffee! Bye!


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