Pink Gellac Premium Starters Kit

Hi everyone,

I already had a collaboration with Pink Gellac a while ago & I genuinely love their products, you can find my previous blogpost with the step for step guide here. Recently they introduced their new LED lamp & I was sold! It is bigger than their previous one which makes it easy to do your toenails & your whole hand.

After much hesitation I decided to buy one. But because it had just been my birthday I received some gift vouchers so instead of only buying the new LED lamp I bought the new premium starters kit (€169). You can choose your own colors that you want, which was excellent because I had still a lot of colors on my wishlist. The other starters kit with the pro led lamp contains standard colors. So this option was so much cheaper instead of buying everything separately.

What contains this new starters kit?

  • 1 primer 15ml (€15)
  • 1 pink cuticle oil (€10)
  • 7 colors of your choice (€105)
  • 4 online courses
  • Pink gellac LED PRO lamp (€79)
  • base extend (€15)
  • ultra shine topcoat 15ml (€15)
  • nail file 180-240 (not for sale separately)
  • 3 orange woodsticks (not for sale separately)
  • nail wheel (€4)
  • polishing block (not for sale separately)
  • cleaner 100ml (€7)
  • remover 100ml (€7)

All these products are packed in a super handy box which you can keep using to store everything.

What is the different between the new & old LED lamp?

With the old LED lamp you have to push a button to activate it & with the new you just put your hand under the lamp & it will go automatically on. I find this very handy if I do my own hands. Less chance that I will touch something & have to start over again with that nail.

The new LED lamp consists of 2 parts that are connected to each other by magnets. This has the advantage that you can clean the inside of the lamp better then de old LED lamp, which is 1 part.

Of course the main reason why I bought this lamp is the size of the lamp. With the old one I had to do my thumbs separately & now I can do my whole hand in one time. My toenails were a real challenge to do with the old LED lamp but now with the new one it is easy as 1-2-3.

My opinion

If you’re really into doing your nails at home this is a nice deal to buy all the products all in once! The starters kit has everything you need to do your nails in one easy click. You don’t need to search everything separately that you may need to do them. You just need to decide which colors you’re going to choose from all the beautiful colors they offer!

Here is also an overview of all the colors I have right now.


  • Red Colors
  • Pink Colors
  • Orange Colors
  • Blue Colors
  • Glitter Colors
  • Brown Colors
  • Green Colors
  • Black/White Colors
  • Grey Colors
  • Fluo Colors
  • Yellow Colors

This was my blogpost about Pink Gellac, I hope you liked it!


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