Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Hi everyone,

The holidays will be there soon so time to buy some presents for our loved ones. Maybe you have already figured out what to buy for who but maybe you don’t. If you don’t, then I hope I give you inspiration in your search for the perfect presents.

personalized gifts

1) CaseApp
Who is also a fan of personalized gifts?! I am a real sucker for those things, I love how it gives an extra touch to the presents. The first thing I love to give is a sticker or case for a phone/laptop or tablet from CaseApp. You can create one yourself with a picture you like or buy an existing one from their site. They have cases & stickers for most phones, laptops & tablets. You can check the site out here! I can offer you 20% discount of your order with code ‘PAULIENSTRXMAS’!

2) Mapiful
The second personalized gift is a poster from Mapiful. You have 2 options you can choose from, a starmap or street map. What is the starmap? You choose a date which has a meaning to you & the map shows the alignment of the stars from that day/night. I chose the date my godchild was born because that was a very special moment to me. The street map says it all, you choose a city & bam there it is; the streets from that chosen city. I’ve also chosen the city Ghent, because that is the city where my boyfriend & I moved in together.

Kitchen essentials

1) Sodastream
Do you like drinking water or is it just like me hard to get your daily dose of water? I really don’t like mineral water so it was a really hard to get my daily 2L. Mostly I only drank 0,5L a day, I know not good at all! But that all changed when I got to know Sodastream. Sodastream is a machine which turns tap water into sparkling water, great right?! Since then I drink 2L a day. It has many advantages; you don’t have to buy bottled water anymore, so bye bye plastic & hello world. They offer a special one just for the holidays; a beautiful white with gold or rose gold details. If you aks me everyone has the have a Sodastream at home! Since I have a Sodastream my whole family bought one, my mother, sister & brother. They all have a Sodastream at home & they love it! You can find more about this limited edition machine here in my other blogpost with some recipes for cocktails/mocktails for the holidays.

2) Dolce Gusto
They say you’re a coffee lover or a tea lover; well I’m both! Let’s start with coffee. I’m addicted to my Dolce Gusto machine. You can find my experience with Dolce Gusto in this blogpost. You have so many different options to please everyone; from delicious latte’s to strong black coffee. So this machine is a real asset in your kitchen if you ask me! They have different machines starting from €69. Time to please these coffee lovers with a new coffee machine! You can find all their different machines here.

3) Special T
Don’t worry tea lovers, I thought about you too! Maybe you know this machine, maybe you don’t. I’m talking about the Special T machine. It is the same concept as most coffee machines that works with cups. But instead of coffee cups you buy the ‘Special T’ cups with tea. They have a variety to choose from going from black tea to blue & white tea. They also have a collaboration with Kusmi tea where they offer 6 of their flavors for the Special T machine. Check out their flavors & machines here.

Technical gadgets

1) iDeal of Sweden
The first thing you can’t do anything wrong with is something from iDeal of Sweden. They have the most beautiful phone accessories! You can buy beautiful phone cases, wallet cases, power banks or QI chargers. But also laptops leaves or little crossbody bags or bracelets. You can choose from so many different designs but also from simple covers of the same color. You can buy yours with 20% discount using my code ‘ID20-FY947. You can check them out here.

2) Hp Sprocket Plus
The Hp Sprocket Plus is a super fun gadget. I already have this & I love it! It is a little printer you can take with you everywhere you go & print picture from your phone. I love having printed picture to look at once in a while. Btw, the small photos have an adhesive back so you can attach them anywhere you want! They offer a normal & a plus size. If you are planning to buy it anyway, I opt for the plus version, the photos are a little bigger & therefore the quality is also slightly better. Coolblue has a special offer at the moment for the holidays, you can find it here.

3) Air 1 Happy Plugs
Maybe you already hopped on the EarPods train but if you haven’t & you’re not willing to pay so much for the apple EarPods then I have a cool alternative; the Air 1 pods from Happy Plugs. They come in different designs & are half the price of the apple ones! They are definitely on my wishlist!


1) PD Paola
Isn’t every woman happy with jewelry? i certainly am. PD Paola offers beautiful jewelry in gold & silver but what caught my eye is their ‘I am’ collection. This is a collection with necklaces & earrings with all letters of the alphabet. I got my initial letter from my boyfriend as a graduation gift & I already got so many compliments about how beautiful the necklace is. It is super elegant & has amazing colors in it. Let’s start searching for our initial letter here!

2) Daniel Wellington
Do you know someone who is in need of a new watch? Then make sure to check out Daniel Wellington. They have a variety of watches & accessories such as bracelets & rings. I find them super elegant & they match with every outfit. You can also buy separate straps to change at home without having to buy a whole new watch. So you have 2 different watches but you use the same dial. You can find all their watches here on the site. They give you for the holidays 20% discount if you buy 2 or more products & I can give you 15% extra discount with my code ‘PAULIENSTR’.

3) Tom Hope
Do you know someone who likes traveling the world or are you looking for a present for your father/boyfriend/husband? Check then out the bracelets & necklaces from Tom Hope. They have beautiful anchored bracelets for both men & women! They have a beautiful ‘globe collection‘ which represents for me the love for traveling around the world. The bracelet that is on my wishlist is the ‘Globe Bracelet‘ in rose gold. Tom Hope offers now 25% discount on everything to buy your holiday gifts & I can give you an extra 25% with code ‘PAULIEN25’. Shop it here.


1) Grace Flowerbox
did you know that there are roses that last longer than a week?! Grace Flowerbox offers roses in beautiful boxes that last up to 3(!) years! How cool is that?! I recently bought the advent calendar from them & I love everything that is inside. I really love flowers but it such a shame they don’t last that long. This is now in the past if you give a Grace Flowerbox as a present. For 3 years you can enjoy these beautiful roses, what do you want more? dream away here with all these beautiful roses!

2) Posterstore
Are you thinking about an other kind of decoration? Then Posterstore is the webshop to be! They have a large selection of posters & you can choose between different themes such as nature, kids, illustrations, quotes, … going from small to very big! You can read my experience with Posterstore here in another blogpost. Check out all their posters here!


1) Steampod
L’oreal just released the new Steampod 3.0 & almost every woman wants it! It is a steam-based hair straightener which uses the power and softness of steam to transform your hair in an instant. Beside straightening your hair you can also use the Steampod to curl your hair or make waves in it. The Steampod is less damaging than a regular straightener & it also protects your color! Perfect Christmas present if you ask me!

2) Pink Gellac
If you know someone who loves to get her nails done but thinks (just like me) it can be expensive if you do this every time then Pink Gellac is a perfect present to give! Check my latest blogpost about my experience with Pink Gellac here. They have different kind of starters set, this way you don’t have to worry about whether you have bought everything you need. You can check out the site here.


Playing board games is becoming more and more a trend with the youth / young adult instead of going out to a club. I already tried & bought some games myself & I will tell you about the ones I love the most.

1) Qwixx
Qwixx is a fun, small game that is played quickly. You have many variants of this game so it never gets boring! it is also very easy to take with you on vacation for example.

2) Azul
This game has a longer playtime than Qwixx, it’s not played in half an hour. Azul exist in 3 versions of this game but I only played one. I’m looking forward to play to other 2!

I hope I inspired you for some gifts & if you already bought some I would love to know which ones, so leave your ideas in a comment!


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