Pizza Party Prt. II – Aldi Pizza Oven

Hi everyone,

Last year I had a collaboration with Aldi for their pizza oven. Because it is starting to look a lot like summer it was time to take this one out again. I created different kinds of delicious pizzas for my in-laws with fresh ingredients from Aldi. You can check my first experience with this pizza oven here.

What do you need for delicious pizzas?

General grocery list

  1. pizza dough
  2. Passata
  3. Mozzarella

Everyone has their own pizza preference. Are you a ‘yes I put pineapple on my pizza’ kind of person or more ‘the spicier the better’ kind of person or ‘Classic pizza for me please’ kind of person?

here are som of my favorite pizzas & the ingredients I bought for it in Aldi.

My in-laws were super happy with my delicious home made pizzas they loved how crusty they were! & they have a delicious taste because they were baked on charcoal.

Looking forward to make your own delicious pizza? You can buy your pizza oven in store from 27/05.

I woud love to know what your favorite pizza is & if you bought the pizza oven.


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