Wishlist #2: 25th birthday

Hi guys,

It is almost my birthday so time for a new wishlist; Birthdayedition! 🤩
Do you also love to celebrate your birthday? I also love to buy myself presents so let’s check it out what I have on my wishlist & let me know what you want, may be I get inspired by it! 😍

Unfortunately no big party this time but I will catch up as soon as it is allowed!


During the lockdown I got to know the products of SELF & Olaplex & I can not live without them anymore. The products of Olaplex are the best for my hair. So on my wishlist I have the nr. 3 because I have already used a lot of this product. 🙈

SELF is 100% natural, good for the environment & not tested on animals. This also means no artificial colors or scents, no parabens & other chemical components. I already have the day cream & facial scrub from SELF, but I’m looking forward to have the facial lotion & face mask as well!

  1. SELF Mask Duo – €56 – Shop it here
  2. SELF Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion – €37 – Shop it here
  3. Olaplex nr. 3 – €25 – Shop it here

I have been suffering from Folliculitis for several years. This means that because of the hair removal my hair follicles become inflamed & this hurts & itches very much. Last year I switched to epilation instead of shaving and this helped enormously. The last few weeks, unfortunately, I have a lot of problems again, So I’m in doubt about switching to the IPL treatments. That’s why this device from Philips is on my wishlist.

Next on my list is the Braun Face Spa Pro, I love to have a little spa day at home & to pamper myself. This device is perfect with all his functions for my me-time.

4. Philips Lumea Prestige – €400-500 – Shop it here
5. Braun Face Spa Pro – €99 (promotion) – Shop it here


  1. Pinko Love Bag Simply In Leather (Joker Red) – €285 – Shop it here
  2. Pinko Love Bag Simply In Leather (Bordeaux) – €200 (promotion) – Shop it here
  3. Gucci belt black/brown – €370 – Shop it here


I love cooking & discovering new recipes so no better way to do this than with some new cookbooks! 🍴

  1. Koken zonder Bla Bla – €22,5 – Shop it here
  2. Be Fit Be Awesome – €22,5 – Shopt it here
  3. Tasty – €20 – Shop it here


At the moment I actually have nothing where I can store or hang my necklaces with the result that they often get tangled. Time for a change!

  1. Stackers – Jewelry tree with 8 hooks – €24,95 – Shop it here
  2. Stackers – Jewelry tree with 12 hooks – €42,95 – Shop it here
  3. Jewelry tree with marble – €27,90 – Shop it here

When I travel I always take a lot of jewelry with me, I improvise & find a box where I can keep them while traveling. Stackers has this cute travel box to put al your jewelry in.

Because my boyfriend & I both have many watches, it might be useful to store them together and keep them safe.

  1. Stackers – Travel Box – €54,95 – Shop it here
  2. Watch box – €14,95 (promotion) – Shop it here
  3. Watch box for 24 watches – €70 – Shop it here


I really love to play board games so this could not be missing on my wishlist! Beside a board game I also love little games that don’t take long to play.

  1. Azul zomerpaviljoen – €38 – Shop it here
  2. Azul Ramen van Sinatra – €37 – Shop it here
  3. Orléans – €45 – Shop it here
  4. Dobbel zo clever – €15 – Shop it here
  5. Santoska – €9,95 (promotion) – Shop it here

High Tech/Photo’s

  1. Instax mini macaron – €15,37 – Shop it here
  2. Instax mini deco film bundel – €29,95 – Shop it here
  3. Instax mini confetti – €15,55 – Shop it here
  4. HP Zink fotopapier HP Sprocket Plus – €13,99 – Shop it here
  5. Iphone 11 Pro

This was my wishlist for this year, let me know in the comments what you would like for your birthday, I’m curious!


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